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Fri May 13, 2016, 10:57 AM









Please Stand By.... by JonnyPenn








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skin by momma4na
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Thu Apr 28, 2016, 11:34 AM



I'm gonna... (skeletor loses it) by Dee-Morgan999

overexposure by DOK-FITZ

Boy, You're Gonna Carry That Bass by asbestosbill

[14P46] untitled oil on canvas 193.9 x 130.3 cm 20 by ShinKwangHo

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As Rotella by DOK-FITZ

Painting with Moving Parts and Living organisms by MushroomBrain

Insect Frequency by cal-s

Standing Figure w Mirror 2007 by JJURON

The ColecoVision Kid by JoshByer

The One With The Yellow Eyes by K-mar

Transmission From Channel Z by PantherModern23

Pinwheel III by Paracletus42

Diamond-Scale by deep

Video-Coast-2.0 by deep

Discotheque Juliet (digital version) by JonnyPenn

Gateway by DOK-FITZ

The Swimmer. by dabsemion

gathering knowledge by Atis1

SICK by cal-s

Mana Hands by SuperPhazed

carnival 6 by creapicform

Eat Bananas by mondojohn

'and the night would creep.' by ScottBridgwood

Face by asbestosbill

The city and its inhabitants by GerardoGomez

Legend (2016) by elevonART

41816 by DeLumine

Alice (The Lost Highway) by KIRAN-X-MECHANIZED

Iluminados - 1992 by andresbestardmaggio

Feel Blue by Kat-von-Rose

Mirror needed to read by melissamonroe

stairs by Sam12345678900

Free Expression by KizukiTamura
Dude, I Think She Liked The Mix Tape by PantherModern23

Moleskine#033116 by yagey

anxious man by glenox66

If I only had a brain ... by mondojohn

the sky may crack by davespertine

ENTOMBED by Rayjmaraca

The Beautiful Astroid Girl by pastelchu

The Passage by curtis-macdonald

untitled psychedelic drawing by SuperPhazed

Sugar Coated by DepartmentM by DepartmentM

muellmann 2135 by seyk

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Godhood by JonnyPenn

electric saw. by dabsemion

Spacer by mondojohn

Special Apparatus for Cheap High Pleasure by VictorFota

.....And To The Light We Shall Return by JohnPipere

The 4th Step. by ScottBridgwood

Realm by JonnyPenn

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The Man who sold the world by JujuBrew

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archistructure 27 12 2015 by milk13

Moon beam by 7markus7

asynchronize_001 by Atis1

Pg8 by EchoplexSermon

horseman of apocalypte by antitianvs

Television by JujuBrew

Perfect sunset forever by Axel-Astro-Art




skin by momma4na
  • Listening to: Mega Drive - Zero Point Non-Response


JonnyPenn's Profile Picture
Jon Pennington
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Artist Statement:

I make art that stems from a deep compulsion. It is a need to create a sense, a flavor, or a vibe about myself and the world around me. I don’t intend to solve life's mysteries or answer life's questions, as that would bore me. For me, it is more about the journey and the unknown. I see life as an adventure, but more importantly as a misadventure. Because where there is conflict there is interest. To put it bluntly, I make art because I’m fascinated with struggle, and the inherently entropic nature of living.

Ultimately, my art is a personal narrative, laced with symbolism, metaphor, absurdity, and humor. It is usually abstract, with representational elements mixed in. My process before I start a painting involves a great deal of writing, stream of consciousness doodling, taking photographs, listening to music, reading, watching television, and basically just taking in a great deal of information. Eventually, what I feel to be key observations come to light about myself or the world and society we all live in. It is my goal to capture the essence of said observations. Another important aspect of my work is contradiction. Contradiction is a great tool to provoke the viewer into thinking more about what is they’re seeing. This usually takes the form of bright, high chroma colors that seem to clash with the subject matter. This will hopefully disrupt the viewer's initial response to the work. Contradiction can sometimes lead to something profound. Not a profound answer to one of life's big questions, but a profound sense of self or aspect of living that is, in many instances, universally relatable as a human being.


I was somewhere around Denton, near the countryside...when the art began to take hold...

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